Why isn’t there a blogosphere in Europe?

Bruegel asks a relevant question. Why don’t Europeans blog?

It’s kind of strange, actually. It’s not that I won’t read blogs on Europe — it’s that there aren’t that many. I do, in fact, get a lot of my EU news from non-EU sources, or from the FT (who has several great blogs on EU stuff: Money Supply, Alphaville, Brussels Blog to name a few). Are there others? Well: A fistful of Euros, and of course Bruegel. That’s it! Or at least, that’s it for my “daily read”. Finally there is the almighty Twitter, which is always a good place to go.

If you look at my blog roll, you’ll see that I ain’t better. It gets even worse when we turn to Denmark, but that’s mainly because most people in Denmark blog on sites on the big news organisations — and, often, they offer no insight (or links).

Something that should be improved, mostly because there are so many issues to look at.

  • Martin

    “That’s it! Or at least, that’s it for my “daily read”. ”
    Guess your daily read is not complete enough…
    Maybe because your blogroll is lacking a few good ones? voxeu.org, macronomy.blogspot.com, True Economics…

  • Simon

    Yes, voxeu.org should be on that list as well, as I turn to it quite often. Quality research. As for the two others, they seem like worth a read. Thanks!