Should Greece just leave the EZ?

I haven’t written much in a long time. It might change, so I thought I’d start by uploading my paper on whether Greece should leave the EZ for its own sake. The paper, co-written with two class mates, is from May, so some of the numbers might be a little old, but I think the conclusion is still valid.

Two caveats. 1) We only looked at it from Greece’s point of view, i.e. we didn’t include considerations on whether it would be good for the euro area as a whole, and 2) the first 8 pages (and a few in the middle) are methodological requirements (the paper was written as part of my bachelor), so if you don’t like philosophy of science — just go to page 8. Click to get the paper:

Picture 1 Should Greece just leave the EZ?

It might be relevant in the next year or so.