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How I Say ‘I Love You’

As most know, today is Valentines Day. I stumbled upon this site, which is, well, awesome. “14 Ways an Economist Says I Love You“. Here are my 7 favorites (click all to enlarge):

Picture 11 How I Say I Love You

Picture 52 How I Say I Love YouPicture 71 How I Say I Love YouPicture 111 300x228 How I Say I Love YouPicture 12 300x193 How I Say I Love You

Picture 9 300x195 How I Say I Love YouThis one might be my favorite, although it’s hard to choose:

Picture 8 284x300 How I Say I Love You

Here we go…

… starting our blog.

We’ve been talking about this for sometime. We’d like to get better at writing, to share our views on politics, economics, and finance — and hopefully interact with smart people.

It is our goal to publish on a broad range of topics. Simon will probably focus on economics and finance, while Niels will do more politics and political economy. It will mostly be on internatinal topics, but we will not hesitate to weigh in on the Danish debate.

The blog will develop as we get familiar with the idea. We know that all beginning is hard, but we’ll only get better by practice. We hope you’ll enjoy it. We’ll do our best.

Please feel free to comment or shoot us an email.

Simon & Niels